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Awareness is fire was developed in collaboration with Nina Klein Agency. Its use will bring you comfort and peace after a hectic day or in unfamiliar surroundings, and help you return to that which is truly you and indestructible.

Therapeutic Key Ingredients :


Linden Blossom
Opens the heart chakra; encouraging love and self-forgiveness in challenging times


Vetiver and Spikenard
Highly sedative, relieves insomnia and mental exhaustion. Deepens your connection to nature, aids self-awareness; bringing you back to your original self


Austrian Hay

Brings warming protection and peace. Antidepressant qualities 


Frankincense and Labdanum
Calming, regenerating; promotes slowing down. Encourages ideas, thoughts and feelings to be expressed


Siberian Fir
Grounding, provides emotional support to grow and move forward. Fosters a deeper connection to self


100% Natural Ingredients
30 ml / 1 Fl oz Spray
Hand-crafted in Germany

Ambient Scent : Awareness is Fire 30ml

  • Spray anytime you wish. They are highly concentrated, one or two sprays is enough for a large room. 


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