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At the very beginning of 2018, we traveled to Tamba, the region located in the middle of Hyogo prefecture, Japan. Deep countryside, surrounded by beautiful mountains and sacred rivers, often covered with fantastic fog, Tamba is known for great agriculture especially rice and beans. Perfect conditions for Saké brewing, which requires clear pure water and rice.

Ryoko’s father was born in Tamba, and his family run a Saké business over four generations since the Meiji-era when the Saké brewery was still the place where intellectuals, poets, painters as well as workers and farmers used to hang out. No Saké, no life. Saké is an essential part of the society; being together sharing Saké until this day strengthens and nourishes the friendship and connections.

Through our trip in Japan, we had lots of opportunities to drink Saké with family, friends, and random people. Amazed by how everyone had its favourite breweries, knowledge, opinion and philosophy about that special drink. Understanding more about the different grades. Feeling so many different layers of taste that we never could experience when we had it in Europe.

Saké; sacred rice wine, warm, purifying, comforting, tasty and soft like a blanket… The desire and vision to reintroduce the pleasure of having premium Saké to our community grew strongly and SMC, Saké Members Club was born.

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