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with Monk Seigaku



How to be zen in the city

Everyone loves nature. We all can be kind and peaceful there. However, it is not as simple to keep the serenity once we are back in town where we actually live and spend most of our time.

Japanese zen monk, Seigaku, who trained at Eiheiji, the head temple of Soto Zen Buddhism in Japan, moved to Berlin a few years ago, and has been practicing “how to apply zen wisdom to modern life.”

In our three-day workshop at our space transformed into a zen dojo, he show you the principle of zazen; “adjusting our body, breathing, and mind” by sitting, walking, and sleeping in zen.

[ 1st day ]

18:00 Instruction
18:20 Zazen
19:00 Walking Zazen
19:20 Zazen
20:00 Walking Zazen
20:10 Zazen
21:00 Sleeping Zazen

[ 2nd day ]

15:30 Instruction/Sharing
16:00 Zazen
16:40 Walking Zazen
17:00 Heart Sutra Chanting
Silent Interval
18:00 Zazen
18:40 Walking Zazen
19:00 Zazen
19:40 Walking Zazen
20:00 Zazen
20:40 Walking Zazen

[ 3rd day ]

04:00 Walking Zazen
04:20 Zazen
05:00 Tea Ceremony
05:30 Zazen
06:10 Walking Zazen
06:20 Zazen
07:00 Morning Service/Breakfast
08:30 Zazen
09:10 Walking Zazen
09:30 Zazen
10:10 Burning Incense/Sharing


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