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' ... This was the genius of our ancestors, that by cutting off the light from this empty space they imparted to the world of shadows that formed there a quality of mystery and depth superior to that of any wall painting or ornament. The technique seems simple, but was by no means so simply achieved….'        by Jun'ichiro ̄Tanizaki


Inspired by the legendary Japanese essay ‘In praise of shadows’ written by Jun'ichirō Tanizaki published in 1933, RYOKO invite you to explore the wonders of our senses and embrace the beauty of the unseen within the context of an olfactory landscape that we create at In futurum in Copenhagen, accompanied by a voice performance by Kunle.


Date: 24/01/2023

Venue: In futurum / Copenhagen


Sensory Installation
'Beauty Of The Unseen'



'Voyage de Senteur'

In collaboration with Atelier A

... 'The Travel of Scent’ is dedicated to the fleeting and enigmatic sense of smell. If Å Journal itself was to be translated into an unambiguous essence it would be rather herbal, earthy, woody, yet warm with hints of spicy notes. It would aim to bring a sense of tranquility and contemplation.


We felt motivated to bring this flight of imagination into reality, and to do so have decided to team up with Ryoko Hori, a skilled Japanese perfumer and co-owner of ‘Senses Salon’ based in Berlin. Together we have curated a distinctive natural perfume produced from solely pure and non-toxic ingredients. Essentially, it’s a marriage between meditative notes of Palo Santo, Hiba (Japanese cypress), Seaweed, and Holy Basil, balanced with other aromas. Furthermore, we have commissioned the Japanese ceramic artist Cuze to create a bespoke perfume bottle that doubles as a sculpture.


We have envisioned this perfume and its ceramic bottle as an artistic manifesto complementing our 3rd limited edition and correspondingly capturing the organic and explorative nature of Atelier Å Journal... 

by Kama Krystel, Editor-in-chief & Curator of Å Journal



To celebrate our olfactory collaboration and its launch, RYOKO prepare special scented postcards and organise a soiree by offering a letter-post service on the spot. Write a letter to your loved one; your postcard will be travelling with scent.


Date: 25/10/2019

Venue: RYOKO

Dambi dedicates an hour in the midst of summer to the beauty of transience through her mindful tea and incense rituals. Cool yourself down while finding your inner serenity and joy by celebrating the moment, deepening the connection and appreciation of your senses.

Date: 19-21/07/2019

Venue: RYOKO

In a sophisticated Japanese tearoom, they invented a mild way to burn incense using charcoal and ashes with the least smoke for their guests. In Heian Period (794 – 1185), Japanese Bourgeois devised different ways of creating aromas such as kneaded and pressed incense. The way of burning these incenses is called Soradaki. Another way to enjoy incense is Monko, which means “listening to” scent.


By connecting with yourself and understanding about your physical, mental as well as spiritual condition, this meditative ceremony is designed to fully appreciate the incense which is mainly a piece of oud (agarwood). Oud is resinous wood grown in Southeast Asia having cultural, spiritual and religious significances in ancient civilisations. Buddha, for example, describes its scent as a scent of nirvana. It is one of the most precious and expensive raw materials in the world as it takes at least 50 years to develop the scent.


In our 4 hour long workshop, we make colourfully shaped & pressed incense and round kneaded incense out of natural ingredients such as medicinal herbs, spices, and woods. We also learn how to burn incense in a Japanese tearoom, and practice Soradaki and Monko using special utensils.


A precious opportunity to experience finest scent of the quality incense and dive into the world of incense in the context of Japanese Kodo; the way of scent.

Date: 19-21/07/2019

Venue: RYOKO

A Midsummer Night’s Incense & Tea Ceremony

Soiree with Dambi Kim


Japanese Incense Making + Incense Burning

Workshop with Dambi Kim



A Midsummer Night’s Incense & Tea Ceremony

Soiree with Dambi Kim

Fascinated by the philosophy of Sen no Rikyū; the grand-master of wabi-cha, and Japanese Kodo; the way of scent, as well as the profound Chinese tea and incense cultures, Dambi dedicates an hour in the midst of summer to the beauty of transience through her mindful tea and incense rituals.


Cool yourself down while finding your inner serenity and joy by celebrating the moment, and deepening the connection and appreciation of your senses.

Date :14/07/2018

Venue : RYOKO

Inspired by the complex ways in which humans respond to and experience aromas, Odoratus Auris offers an intimate evening devoted to the olfactory and aural senses.

Audience members will be invited to wear a blindfold while experiencing a musical scentscape performed “live” by multi-disciplinary artist Doreen Ooi. A recorded work by electro-acoustic duo One for Ghost will provide the musical backdrop.

Date: 28/09/2017
Venue: RYOKO

Odoratus Auris by Doreen Ooi



Listening To Scent

Inspired by one of the three traditional Japanese arts of refinement, Kodo - the art of appreciation of scent - this evening series dedicates an hour to the sense of smell, which is the most illogical, personal and intuitive human sense. It has the capability to comfort us, to warn us, as well as suddenly transporting us to a particular time and place when we last smelled that smell. It shapes our moods, our behaviour and decisions and yet we barely pay attention in our conscious lives.

In celebration of this ability of ours, and to cultivate an awareness of this sense, once a month RYOKO will be sharing a different (blend of) precious scents. This scent ceremony takes place in a dark room that shuts off the most dominating human sense, sight, to maximise our ability to sense of smell.

Participants are invited to enjoy the scent, to observe the layers and notice those stand alone notes that capture our attention. Everyone is encouraged to use the time and the space in the manner that suits them the most; think or not think, meditate or not meditate, lay down or sit down, stay for the full duration or for some part. It is a personal choice, which we feel is important for this type of event. The perception of scent varies immensely from person to person according to individual memories, experiences and emotional conditions. As a result, we want to be respectful and create an environment that reflects this.

Listening To Scent
#01 Pearls: Tears Of The Full Moon

Date: 18/08/2016
Venue: RYOKO

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