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Make Your Own Medicine
with AvantGarden

Working with the plants of the season, which provide us with sustainable, local remedies naturally suited to the time of year that the plants they come from flourish in.

Seasonal changes affect not only the world around us, but also our physical body. Sometimes this causes particular conditions, such as allergies in the warmer months or colds and flus in the cooler months. As the plants grow and flourish or retreat and hibernate so do our bodies. If we learn to flow through the seasons using what nature offers us to keep us happy and healthy we will become our best selves. Plants are connected to the wholeness, as we are, teaching and showing us the way of being connected to seasonal health.

Plants grow at the time of year we need them most. This means we can use natural, fresh remedies through seasonal medicine. Spring tonics to detox the system from the winter stagnancy, summer sprays to cool us on hot days and to protect us from those little biting bugs while spending our days enjoying the sunshine, elixirs in autumn to get us ready for the cold months and supporting aids to protect us in the winter times.


Winter: Uplifting and Digesting


Oh! Dark cold days, stuck in heated apartments, with little excitement or respite from the outside world. Often we turn to heavy foods over the festive season, for comfort as much as tradition.

In this workshop we will be concentrating on how to protect and uplift us during the bitter winter months, so that we can best enjoy the quiet cosy days with the help of some digestive tonics aids.

During the workshop we will make some digestive bitters/tonics to help with the festive season, and uplift our health, generally.





Autumn: Boosting and Supporting with Fire Tonic


Getting a cold? Feel a flu coming on? The theme of this workshop is booting your immune system when you’re feeling under the weather. It’s these sunny autumn days where we optimistically wear too few clothes that can be a real trouble. That combined with a summer full of hedonistic fun have is bound to cause colds and flus.

In this workshop we will discuss local immune-boosting herbs, how to avoid flus, and we will create our own immune boosting fire tonic to give our systems that extra kick.


Summer: Protection


Bites, stings, sunburns, overheating, cuts and scrapes. First aid is the theme for this workshop. Whether you are at a lake, festival, walking in the forest or grilling in the park with friends. Your loved ones and people you may just have met are bound to experience one of the above.

We learn how to protect yourself in the heat of summer and when things happen while being outside. We make a natural first aid product which can be taken everywhere and how simple plants that are all around can be used in “quick first aid”.


Spring: Clearing, Cleaning and Detoxing


Shaking off that winter fur, cleaning out that stagnant system, allergy support and simply doing a spring clean for our bodies. We learnt about allergy season, how to clear our body of winter toxins and how one can easily support the body to move out of winter and into the spring. We made a spring tonic which aids in detoxing the body, supporting allergy issues and enhances the intake of vitamins and minerals.


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Intima Medicinal Herbs

with AvantGarden

A two-part series of herbal workshops 

Getting intimate with herbs involving drawing them close to us and becoming its ally. Understanding it, learning from it, being in awe of it and respecting it. We will be exploring the medicinal qualities and uses of herbs through learning and personal experiences. We are the students and the plants are our teachers. They have a lot to say and a lot to teach us. We just need to know how to learn, to listen. Using all our senses we will hear the whispering of the herbs calling to us, telling us what is to be done.

In this two series workshop, we will be exploring the world of medicinal herbs through getting to know herbs on a personal level- through discussion, touching, smelling, tasting, burning, making different types of herbal preparations and seeing how the different ways of using a herb will affect the body differently.

In each four-hour workshop we will concentrate on a selected few specific herbs delving deep inside them, allowing them to teach us how they heal through complex but natural ways. Also, you will be guided along the process of creating personalised herb mix such as infused vinegar/honey and tinctures.

The first workshop will focus on the ‘cold and flu season’ looking at herbs that support the body before, during and after illness. Concentrating specifically on supporting the signs and symptoms of colds and flus such as fevers and chills, coughs, stuffed sinuses and just that ‘under the weather’ feeling. Also on keeping the body healthy for the winter season.

The second workshop will focus on ‘bitters for the festive season’ here we will look at herbs to aid the digestive system and immune system, supporting the body in keeping healthy through the festive and winter season. In both workshops, we will also touch on mood enhancers: that is, how we can raise our spirits in the darker colder months. 



Organic Herbal Salve Making Workshop
with Avant

To treat your individual needs

with scientific method and age-old witchery

You are cordially invited to the pioneering salve making workshop of Avantgarden. Avantgarden is two women, Natasja and Miriam, who mix scientific method with age-old witchery. Through the use of timeless herbal concoctions they strive to reconnect with a magical and enchanting world. They will guide you along the process of creating personalised ointments, from handpicked herbs that have evolved alongside us for thousands of years. In our two-hour-long workshop you will have full access to their rare collection of organic ingredients! Come join Avantgarden, the avant-gardes of herbal witchery and let them guide you in accessing your own intuition.


[ About AvantGarden ]

A creative collective which brings herbs, food and art together through herbal workshops, intuitive cooking classes, interactive food/herbs art projects and exhibitions. Tash is the creator of Hedgewitch Kitchen which is a project to teach people how to take control of their own health through different workshops and projects.


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