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Explore the relationship between objects, people and space



I. Breathing Tea

Through reinterpreting the Japanese tea ceremony as a meditative ritual, using objects within a rhythmic sequence, a series of impressions unfolds involving breathwork and the consumption of matcha. This unique experience invites you to discover how you could create a deeper connection between yourself and your surroundings through tea and breath.



II. A Waking Sleep

By reinterpreting the Japanese tea ceremony as a meditative ritual we invite you to go on a journey through your inner forest and discover a state of consciousness between waking and sleeping. Yogic breathing techniques are used to ground you, while guided meditation will lead you on a path to deep relaxation - a waking sleep. Resting on the floor, we will slowly awaken our senses through a Japanese tea ceremony.

This unique experience invites you to discover how you can create a deeper connection between yourself and your surroundings through tea, breath and yoga nidra.


[ About Anne Pawlak ]

Inspired by the impermanence of performing arts and the ancient rituals of tea ceremony, Anne Pawlak seeks to impart knowledge and experience of the finest teas and practises from across the globe. Her background in theatre design and experience of living in tea producing countries like Japan were the catalyst of her tea studies with the Ueda Soko school of Japanese tea ceremony.
By incorporating breathwork and mindfulness aspects in her performances, workshops and events she aims to promote sustainable practices; and highlights the community and health aspect of tea preparation and consumption. All to both continue the rich history of this poetical beverage as well as generating new relevance within contemporary culture.



Contemporary Japanese Tea Ceremony

with Anne Pawlak


A fusion of alchemy vibrations and the sacred smoke

Many spiritual traditions speak of sound as being the formative force of creation. Sound healing having a rich tradition reaching back thousands of years: Tibetan, Egypt, Greece and ancient cultures alike.

The alchemic bowls are the companions of unconditional and courageous love that resonates with the enacting of all activities from a heart centred origin. They radiate healing love source vibrations guides the heart to inspire the mind. Our human cells, immersed in the sound waves, absorb the frequencies they need—a kind of sonic food—and reject what is not needed.

Working with the sacred smoking made from the plant medicines and resins, it is believed that prayers would rise to the spirit world taking the negative thoughts and emotions away with it. The smoke also removes impurities to allow the healing process to commence.

The crystal bowls sound and smoke bath guiding us back into alignment and balance, will help you release blockages, emotions, thoughts that are not serving you, support the body to self heal, shift your vibration, uplift your potentials and in turn open new doorways of opportunity in your life.

[ About CA RA ]

A multidisciplinary Artist - multidimensional being
Passionate about Alchemy, Energy, life sculpture and human personology. Her unique sound and scent journeys are created focusing on the heart centre, deepening personal transformational journeys with a soothing big hug of sounds.
Born into the Rainbow Nation of the new South Africa - post apartheid, Berlin is home base for this Nomad at heart since 2012 Alchemic Crystal Tones singing bowls radiate a healing love source vibration that guides the heart to inspire the Mind.

SOUNDBATH_pic copy.jpg


The Listening Body with CA RA




Trilogy with Dorothee Rund

#03 Brain

Fatigue, Brain-fog, Anxiety, Mood Swings, Irritability, Concentration and Memory Problems, Compulsive Behaviour, Sensory Sensitivities, Clumsiness… Are you familiar with at least one of these? You might have been labeled by doctors with diagnoses like PMS, Addiction, Depression, ADHD, Dyslexia, Asperger’s Syndrome, Bipolar Disorder, Burnout, CFS, ME, MCS, Hyperacusis…

What if you are told that it is not just all in your head and that you are by far not alone with these problems? That there is a biological reason for what you are experiencing? Does it make sense at all to make a separation between the “psyche” and the “body”? Does it really matter if a disease is psychosomatic or somatopsychological?

In our 4 hours workshop, Dorothee Rund, eating psychology coach and biologist, shares her personal story and how she healed herself from most of the mentioned health problems. You learn more about the role of our immune system in cognitive processes, and how all our different organs affect each other, also which nutrients are especially important for nerve cells and mental processes. Foods indeed have very stabilising properties, and on the other side detrimental. She also talk about other lifestyle measures that you can easily implement to bring out the best of your brain, nerves, psyche and mind.

Sandra Winkens, yoga teacher, guides you through her set of yoga, meditation and pranayama. They are timeless tools to find our own centre and able to rewire our brains and reset our systems. She opens the door to the beautiful world of awareness, self healing and natural satisfaction. The practice is suitable for newbies as well as experienced practitioners, and become your best friend to help you whenever your symptoms will be about to appear.

AND, Food is medicine! You are provided with a high quality, organic & seasonal tasty full-lunch buffet which is anti-inflammatory and nutrient rich. They gives excellent fuel and stability for your in-and-output as for your brain. The more you understand the biology behind mental and cognitive processes, the more understanding and gentler with yourself you will be.

1- Warm up : Body-mind preparation
2- Lecture
3- Yoga, Meditation and Pranayama
4- Nutritional and cooking ideas and advices
5- Special Lunch and Discussion : Share own experiences and discussion


#02 Gut

The gut : our second brain

The cause of many health issues can be found in the intestines. Not only allergies, atopic dermatitis, chronic fatigue, rheumatism, thyroid disease, or even cancer, but also depression, autism and other psychological disorders are closely connected to the gut. These can become chronique and turn our every days life’s upside down. We are not even sure why; as the symptoms are so diverse, and most medicals often just don’t realise the connections.

Furthermore, our digestive system does not o
nly provide every cell in our body with good nutrition, it is also our major detoxification system and up to 80% of our immune tissue resides within our gut. Our gut lining is the most important doorway from our environment to all our sensitive organs.

In our 4.5 hour workshop, we focus on the gut by learning, listening, practicing, questioning, discussing and eating together within a small group.

Dorothee Rund, eating psychology coach and biologist shows how our behaviour and stress influence our digestive system. And how to implement new healthy lifestyle habits to support your overall health, by sharing also her personal experiences and as a result healed herself from malnutrition and autoimmune conditions.

Sandra Winkens, yoga teacher, guides you by paying special attention on the digestive tract. Through the practice of asana and pranayama, new vitality is directed into numb areas, which optimises the function of the organs and clarifies the mind. The first practice focuses on the breath, lungs and heart. The second practice flushes the kidneys, soothe the liver and enhance overall body purification.

AND, Food is medicine! You are provided with a high quality, organic tasty lunch buffet which is anti-inflammatory, easy digestible, nutrient rich and soothing for the gut.

/ Content
1- Warm up : Body-mind preparation
2- Lecture
3- Yoga Asanas and Pranayama
4- Nutritional and cooking ideas and advices
5- Special Lunch and Discussion : Share own experiences and Q&A



#01 Skin


How can we attain a healthy skin in a holistic, natural and long lasting way? In what way can our skin problems be a doorway to get to the root causes of imbalances in our lives?

The mind-body connection is crucial to consider for understanding the immune-, the endocrine- and other systems that play a fundamental part in our skin health like the digestive system.

Mind-Body Nutrition is a new field that advances the practice of clinical nutrition by exploring the psychophysiology of how thoughts, feelings and beliefs impact nutritional metabolism and health. It goes far beyond classical nutrition by focusing on the fascinating connections between brain, body, and behaviour.

Simply put, what we eat is only half of the story of good nutrition. The other half is who we are as eaters. Mind-Body Nutrition reveals how physiological stress, the relaxation response, breathing, awareness, pleasure, meal timing and much more profoundly influence digestion and calorie burning. And it offers practical and results-oriented strategies for the most commonly seen eating challenges and health issues of our times.

Dorothee Rund, psychological nutrition coach, shares her philosophy of skin health and its holistic healing, how you can practically implement new habits to change your health for the better and support skin health.

1. Lecture, time for questions and discussion
2. Nourishing and tasty, low-histamine and anti-inflammatory lunch buffet for a happy and healthy skin (many interesting recipes and tips are also shared)


[ About Dorothee Rund ]

A Eating Psychology Coach, Biologist and Artist.
She is specialised in Skin-, Gut- and Brain health and works with highly sensitive persons who also suffer from allergies, mast cell- and autoimmune disorders, mood- and cognitive problems and fatigue.
Having suffered from all these conditions for herself for 25 years and having found a way to heal herself and get off of all her medications, she now supports others on their journey with long lasting results.


Bacteria - Our Powerful Friends (not fiends)

Bacteria are one of nature’s unsung heroes and often misunderstood. While we enjoy the products of their hard work every day: they help regulate the climate, our bodies and the environment, they tend to be referred in relation to disease and something to wipe out and be rid of (the number of bacteria –free products on the shelves are proof of this).


Luckily, there are a growing number of bacteria enthusiasts who are knowledgeable of their transformative power and trying to spread the word. And as the healing nature of bacteria is a matter very close to our heart, we have invited a fellow enthusiastic bacteria champion, Alexis to share and show practical ways to benefit from nature’s powerful friends through fermentation.

Fermentation is as an energy efficient food-preservation technique which is rooted in our cultural histories. We are captivated and inspired by the way fermented foods engage our senses and enhance whole food eating.

We will be touching, tasting and workin
g with SCOBY’s (symbiotic colonies of bacteria and yeast) in order to interact with our microbial world. We will learn the different between cultured, and wild fermentation and create custom naturally fermented sodas. There will be a probiotic snack and soda bar, plus a DIY Soda Station so you can take home your very own soda pops:  two different cultures to see the difference in their behaviours and attitudes as they ferment, as every culture acts, like humans, a little bit differently.

[ About Alexis Goertz ]

Bacteria Barista, Alexis, one half of Edible Alchemy, will be showing and telling you the science behind the fermentation process which has been used unknowing and knowingly by humans, past and present, across the world.


SCOBY's (Symbiotic Colonies Of Bacteria and Yeast)

with Alexis Goertz


Pranayama - Art of breathing

‘Prana’ means ‘vital energy’ or ‘life force’. It’s the vital principle, the force that makes up the entire cosmos, that vitalizes and holds together the body and the mind. In the yogic understanding of life and manifestation prana is the key principle of existence: without prana there is no life. Our principal sources of prana are food, sun and breath. It’s clear that a long winter, indoor life, bad eating habits and poor breathing leave us tired and exposed to disease.

Pranayama teaches the expansion (ayama) of the vital energy (prana). As the breath is considered the external manifestation of the prana, by expanding, controlling and directing the breath we can gain mastery over prana, thus learning how to vivify and rejuvenate the body, harmonize the energies moving in it (the pranic body), prepares the body-mind for the awakening of the chakras (psychic centers), create a solid bridge between the body and the mind and open the doors of our mind to other states of consciousness.

In this course with Amanda Morelli, we deepen the techniques and awarenesss of pranayama, bulding a healthy foundation on proper breathing, that can lighten our every days life on so many levels.



[ About Amanda Morelli ]

Amanda Morelli is a Cultural Anthropologist specialized in Oriental Studies and has been practicing yoga since her childhood. She is recognized as a certified trainer of teachers and is responsible for the Yoga TTC of the Free School of Hatha Yoga Hamsa in Berlin. She studies, practices and teaches the whole spectrum of the sacred path of yoga and believes in a holistic and creative approach to it.



Spring Awakening 10 day Intensive Workshop

with Amanda Morelli


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