Wooden Object
Indigo x Sabi-Urushi by Masami Tokuda


Artist : Masami Tokuda

Made of : Japanese Horse-Chestnut (Aesculus turbinata)

Dyed with : Indigo
Coated with : Black Sabi-Urushi (mix of black Urushi lacquer and ochre)

Size : Diameter 14cm x H 7cm


Handmade in Japan


* This object is made from food quality, non-toxic all natural ingredients including dye and coating materials.


[ About Masami Tokuda ]

His works draw a beauty of shadow — his dedication starts with working on woods, embracing their natural forms such as cuts and bends. Then carefully landscaping with a fine layer of Japanese traditional alchemies — sabi urushi laquer, ochre clay and plant dyes such as with indigo, which turn into complete modernity with his magic.

Wooden Object Indigo x Sabi-Urushi by Masami Tokuda

  • Please do not use dishwasher or microwave. 
    When washing, do not leave it in water for a long time. Hand-wash with water using dish detergent if necessary, and dry it well in the shade. 
    Please do not use as a vase containing water.  
    With a contact of strong acidity, the colour may fade.
    Adding boiling water may cause cracks.