Artist : David Louveau

Material : Porcelain

Dimensions : Dia 5cm, H 4cm

Color : White

Handmade in Sweden


Please note :

This is a hand-crafted piece.

Size, motif and shape may vary. We guarantee however, that each item we stock is aesthetically satisfying. We hope you appreciate its uniqueness.


The tokkuri carafe seen in the picture is not included.

It can be also perfectly used as tea cup especially for Chinese tea ceremony.


    [About the artisit]

    David Louveau is a wood-firing ceramicist from New Caledonia currently based in Sweden.

    He finds strong inspiration in the beauty and depth of nature that surrounds him. He has been trying to achieve a slow ecological creative process connecting with the organic elements in Scandinavia, by working on local minerals, wood and water. Carefully listening and being inspired by all those spiritual wonders.  



      Wood-Firing Porcelain Sake Cup Ochoko by David Louveau