Artist : David Louveau

Material : Porcelain

Dimensions : H 13.5 cm

Volume : approx. 250 ml

Color : White

Handmade in Sweden


Please note :

Due to the handmade nature of these objects, each piece is unique and the shape may vary.  If you want to see our current stocks, please contact us at - we will send you some pictures.


[About the artisit]

David Louveau is a wood-firing ceramicist from New Caledonia, currently based in Sweden.

He finds inspiration in the beauty and depth of the nature that surrounds him. He strives trying to find a slow, ecological, creative process. Connecting with the organic elements in Scandinavia by working with local minerals, woods and water. Carefully listening and being inspired by all these spiritual wonders.  

Wood-Fired Porcelain Sake Carafe Tokkuri by David Louveaui