Tatete – Japanese for “make it stand!” – is a solid brass stand that can be used for anything that fits into its hole - from incense, to flowers, or the tip of an umbrella. Because of its weight it can hold larger objects, which then take on a magical (standing alone) appearance, supported by an object that small.


Designed by The Simple Society. Produced by JUKO - a new product line from by an industrial brass factory in Gifu prefecture, Japan.


Tatete S

Size: D30 H18mm
Hole: φ3-4.2mm
Made in Gifu, JAPAN
Vacuum Packed 


Tatete M

Size: D80 H46mm
Hole: φ12-15.6mm
Made in Gifu, JAPAN
Vacuum Packed


  • Every Tatete is forged from a single piece of brass.

    Since the surface is not treated with any coating the colour of the brass will change from “pure gold” to darker and darker tones due to oxidation.

    It might even turn bright green from verdigris, or, if you prefer to polish it “shiny pure gold” again by using a metal polishing agent or polishing sheet.

  • The TATETE is produced in a factory called FUJI SEIMITSU which normally produces mold forged industrial parts.

    Since they can make molding dies themselves, we could ask precise and detailed tweaks to achieve the present shape of the TATETE.

    FUJI SEIMITSU is a classic case of Japanese high precision industrial quality with all the attention to details and perfection you could ask for.