Japanese Hinoki Cypress Wood (Chamaecyparis obtusa)

100% Pure & Natural


Hinoki is slow-growing species of cypress tree, native to Japan.

Traditionally used for sacred buildings such as shinto shrines, temples, castles and can be preserved over 1000 years, thus it is considered as one of the most precious and glorious trees in Japan.

The hinoki especially grown in Kiso are referred to as 'divine trees'.


It is also used to make bath products such as buthtubs due to its powerful antibacterial property, and its scent super relaxing.


[ Scent ]

Woody, Fresh, Little Lemony


[ Country of Origin ]

Kiso (Nagano Prefecture), Japan


[ Content ]

20 g / 50g


[ How to Use ]

Burn them with our 03/ KOBAKO PER-FUMUM III set


* The porcelain lidded pot and case you can see in the picture are also available online.



Natural Incense : Japanese Hinoki Wood