Smudge Burner 'Reconstruction' Series IV


Japanese ceramicist Cuze has discovered a method of reconstructing a piece by cutting parts, putting it together and reshaping it on the wheel, thus minimizing excess clay.

The piece metamorphosizes from round to oval; from one to two.


Providing that the most simple result often comes from the most complex process, Cuze’s pieces beget a truth of form that is immediately recognizable.


Artisit : Cuze

Material : Ceramic

Handmade in Berlin


Dimensions : 

S:  W 11.5-12cm, L 17-18cm, H 2.5-3.5 cm

M:  W 15cm, L 19cm, H 4cm

L_ W 15.5cm, L 21.5cm, H 2.5cm


Please note that this is a handmade, therefore size, color, and shape may vary.


[About the artist]

Ceramicist Cuze has been experimenting for many years with clay from Japan to Europe. Cuze’s love for the art of creating fine ceramics as a daily practice shows in each of his pieces. Working with the clay, shaping it on the wheel, firing it in a kiln becomes a true meditative process that results in sophisticated and serene poetic objects. Through this practice his settled and humble character finds form.

Ceramic Smudge Plate by Cuze