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T R E A S U R E   B O X

Bouquet de Bénédiction


Contains ;

- Eucalyptus x white sage smudge coated with dragon blood resin

- Ceramic smudge plate hand-crafted by atelier RYOKO

- 100% pure beeswax candles 3 pieces

- Japanese matches



The ancient knowledge of medicine through smoke and fire is in all of us.


Dragon blood is a red resin which has been used since ancient times as incense and to dye as well as for rituals. Eucalyptus, the Australian holy tree is traditionally used to improve the respiratory and immune system, while white sage is the one of the most powerful cleansers for people and surroundings.


Atelier RYOKO carefully hand-crafted this one of a kind, wabi-sabi aesthetic's unglazed plate from clay. Simplicity and timeless elegancy combined.


The sacred smoke which will deliver the beneficial aromatic oils rise up but also ground you.



Out of Stock
  • Light your candle and burn the tip of the smudge. Then blow the flame out, use the sacred smoke as much as needed then place it on the ceramic plate.

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