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These sculpted potteries beautifully stand out in the space - each possessing a soul and a unique voice, not only providing you with wellsprings of creative inspiration, motivation, and freedom but also serving as scent pots—functioning as both incense burners and aroma oil vessels.



Artist : KL KERAMIK / Kirsten Landwehr

Material : Ceramic

Handmade in Germany


[ Dimensions ]

VIII. H 22 cm 

IX. H 15 cm

X. H 15 cm

XI. H 13 cm


Rosé Ceramic Scent Pots / Sculptures by KL KERAMIK

  • You can burn in the bowl natural incenses on top of heated charcoal with ash underneath (using our Kobako set).

  • When it comes to aromatherapy delight, adding hot water and essential oils (see our variations) allows these vessels to diffuse scents throughout your room, pleasing all your senses.


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