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"Well, there is tea. A liquid inside a cup, whether brewed with utmost care from the most precious of leaves or just hot water, poured over a bag from the store. And then there is the moment, the calm, the vapour condensating on your face in little droplets. Surely, this isn’t about hydration or a caffeine kick. But what is that something that makes tea into this force that lets us slow down and grants serene moments to our lives?


It is said that what makes a teapot a teapot is the empty space inside. Likewise, in this journal we would like to explore space – in our case the space that surrounds a cup of tea. We wish to take you, the reader, with us and learn as we learn about the universe that revolves around our favourite beverage."



Journal du Thé is based on an idea by French artist Johanna Tagada Hoffbeck. 

Design by T. S. Wendelstein. Both gather content and edit each and every chapter themselves occasionally with the help of guest contributors.


Published by Poetic Pastel Press, London.


Dimensions:    28 × 21 × 1 cm

Published: 2020

Language: English

Pages: 128


Journal du Thé #3



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