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"Near the Beach"

Tahitian Pearl Earring (Single Piece)


Material: Tahitian Pearl x18kt gold

Size: Diametre of the pearl : approx. 1 cm

Hand-crafted in England



[ About Mariko Tsuchiyama ]


Mariko blends organic aesthetic contours with minimal delicate form and design. 

Inspired by the pure feeling and texture of nature – seeds, nuts, shells, stems, and the bare skin of women, she intensifies the beauty of pearls by using fine wire of 18 carat gold as stem and pearls as nuts. In so doing, she makes poetic space at once a scene and a whisper – by leaving the pearls untouched, in their natural iridescent tones. Nature makes layers and she reveals the inner beauty in her designs.


She was born and raised in Nagasaki, Japan.

Currently being based next to the sea in Brighton, England her studio invokes creativity and the inspiration to continue create beautiful collections.

18kt Gold x Black Pearl Single Earring by Mariko Tsuchiyama



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