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Sound x Scent 

A unique sensory-experience cross-over where sound smell and scent sing...

It is native to Japan, Hiba has a long history of use in Japanese culture for its scent and practical applications, and its essential oil is cherished in aromatherapy to help reduce stress and anxiety and has also antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties.

Common Name:  Hiba, Asunaro
Botanical Name: Thujopsis dolabrata
Origin: Japan
Plant Family: Cupressaceae

Scent: Fresh woody

Hiba is a medium to large evergreen tree that can grow up to 40 meters tall with a trunk diameter of 1,5 meters. It is notable for its fresh woody scent, which is attributed to the presence of a compound called Hinokitiol which it contains in high amounts, interestingly even more than in the actual Hinoki tree. It is known for its calming and relaxing effect and has a soothing quality that can promote a sense of tranquility and grounding. 

In addition to its aromatic qualities, the Hiba tree is also valued for its durable wood, which is resistant to decay and insect damage. The wood is used in traditional Japanese construction, including the making of temples, shrines, and other wooden structures.

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Japanese Sumi Ink

By Kinkoen

Tracing back to the 6th generation, Kinkoen was founded in Nara prefecture by the ancestor of the current master artisan, Nagano-san, now working together with his son. They have been making Sumi ink with the traditional method passed down from generation to generation.

Amazed by the sophisticated scent of the ink that comes drifting in the air thanks to the Ryu-noh (borneol) resin and the calming effect on the mind through repetitive hand movement during the Sumi preparation by rubbing the Sumi ink on a Suzuri stone. This is a pure Zen meditation, practiced over centuries in Japan.

The time-consuming whole-making process of Sumi ink takes 4 months to even a few years - it starts with burning oil lamps to collect soot which is later blended with gelatin and Ryu-noh (borneol) resin, kneaded together, molded in a kashi-gata and let dry afterward.

Ryu-noh (borneol) is a precious crystallized resin used in Eastern medicine as well as in Japanese incense, this natural material is sourced from the Borneo camphor tree. 

Wooden Objects

By Marie Eklund

Playful and super charismatic, these objects are made of birch wood, hand-carved with the utmost attention to detail, by Marie a Swedish woodworker. They are worn with layers of oil after being burned,  surprisely light but having a strong individual charm - we exactly describe them as having a ‘soul-living-in’ property.

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Hemp Sculptural Object

By Yasmin Bawa

Drawing on careful observation of the topology of space she works sculpturally to explore the use of natural materials and traditional hand building techniques.
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+ 24 hours

What would you do if you had extra 24 hours in your life?

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This small jar contains a dream -

a dream of 24 hours...

We offer you time to look within, time to be

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Honouring the passage of time, as well as the Japanese ‘ichi-go ichi-e’ idea; the appreciation of unrepeatable nature of a moment and enduring symbol of time itself, we created this scented candle embodied a timekeeper, which burns up to 24 hours - It represents the present,  as being between the past and the future.

Inspired by the essay ‘In praise of shadows’ written by Jun'ichirō Tanizaki published in 1933, the two scents are composed to embrace beauty of the unseen and the present in darkness through light.

With a mat textured surface of the antique jar which was hand-crafted in Meissen, the candle warmly illuminates your space when lit, by evoking Japanese paper lanterns. 

Scent I. Beauty Of The Unseen

Scent II. Colour of Silence

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Currently based in Berlin, Saeam is a Korean ceramic artist who creates potteries that interact with people’s everyday life.

"I have been constantly motivating to find various ways to work with clays. It can be sculptural or functional. Feeling and emotions that are too hard to put into words can be aptly expressed with clay."

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​In collaboration with Saeam, our original incense burner "Module" is now available!

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IMG_3185 copy.jpg

Our goal and challenge were to create the ultimate incense burning set especially for natural pure Oud to introduce an easy and convenient way.


With the countless hours of researches and experimental developments over a year, we are delighted to present the ultimate burner set which pleases all our senses with simplicity yet elegant aesthetics of mat black and meditating steel blue.


Sound x Scent 

A unique sensory-experience cross-over where sound smell and scent sing...

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Hydration is a six track album that was created by Hiroshima based Japanese sound artist, Tenka. 

By listening to stories behind Tenka’s auditory creation and his connection to nature, RYOKO interpreted his music into an olfactory landscape with 13 botanical essences such as camphor 'Kusunoki' tree as a key ingredient, due to their therapeutic qualities, as well as their historical background and meaning. Each plant has its own stories to tell, characteristics, tones and energies, thus the capacity to speak on our behalf.

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Sound Track :

1. Antioxidant Shower ~ Permanent Natural Circulations Seem To Be Beautiful ~

2. Diverse Aesthetics ~ Our Hydration Is A Symbol ~

3. How to Spend An Aromatic Night ~ 23PM-1AM ~

4. The Ocean That You Observe In My Aquarium ~ The Eternity I See In Your Eyes ~

5. Nutrition ~ Microorganisms In The Darkness Of Life ~

6. This Is The Treatment That Is Being Done At This Moment ~ In My Own Melancholia ~

With a layer of fresh, vivid and green notes of camphor tree, sage and basil, the scent offers a sound of blessing rain. Woody and wet, profound but comfort, Japanese Hiba cypress and juniper berry promise a growth and reconciliation with yourself, while earthy undertones of grounding vetiver and warm cedar tree add a depth to the serenity.

Perfumes :

Invisible Ceremony

Therapeutic essential oils are a central component in our perfumes, as these contain the souls of the botanicals from which they are extracted and have powerful healing qualities as well as inspiring elements.

IMG_2884 copy.jpg

We believe in something invisible and unspeakable. It is what we have been trying to take care of and nourish as it seems to us much more true and to have a big impact on us in this world. We know scent is also that kind of thing.

That’s our theme through this new olfactory series — We call it “invisible ceremony.”

IMG_2650 copy.jpg

Scent 11

Artwork by Jamie Grace Davis

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