Original binchotan charcoal from Kishu, Wakayama prefecture in Japan.

Traditionally handmade of Ubame Oak (Quercus phillyraeoides) by skilled craftsman


As a water purifier :

Binchotan removes chemicals and toxins from water, and release beneficial minerals such as calcium, magnesium, and iron into the water. 


How to use :

Before using, wash it with brush under water and rinse.

Add your binchotan into a bottle of water, and leave it overnight. Ready to drink.


How to maintain :

Place in boiling water for ten minutes and allow to cool down, then dry it.

One stick will last for around three months if you maintain your binchotan piece on a weekly basis.


Content : 1 stick


Size : S, M, L (by weight)

Please see the second picture for your reference.

However, please note also that the shape and length may vary due to the natural material.


Made in Japan

Japanese Binchotan Charcoal

Size by Weight

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